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An insightful, broad scoped literary must for all people. This sublimely subtle study of the ways to achieve victory through “Millenniums of Common Sense” includes an array of strategies, tactics, wisdom quotes and provocative thoughts that will inspire all who read. A treasure map to profits and prosperity that leads through the realities of life.

I pledge allegiance to myself

To the individual I have become

To the artful ideas that I conceive

To the decisions that I make

To the actions that I take

Dedicate to the proposition that, one-day all people will think for themselves

About the Authors:

Both J.H. Merkel & A.W. Al-Falaij have been involved with international business activities for more than 20 years. Along with the member of their Better Team, they have dedicated their careers to the promotion of Good Business and Good Business practices; and the greater good of mankind that only business activities can support.

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